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The present cookie policy gives information on the use of cookie in our website and integrates our Privacy Policy on the use of the personal data. Our site uses different kind of cookie to guarantee the best navigability and an optimal use of our contents.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files commonly used on internet and automatically saved on the device in which the browser or the program are placed to access the web: They contain information of the site use and of the navigation but not the one for personal identification.

The picked data in these cookies are used to improve web site functions, to personalize navigation experience and consumer interaction.

Cookies are divided in different categories according to their nature, for example according to their purpose or to the permanence in the device memory, but mainly divided in two types:

· Technical cookies: necessary for a correct site use, to keep connection with the user, the language setting and the choice of visual options. Absence of one of these can affect the correct use of the site..
· Profiling cookies: to outline the consumers for future dispatching of advertising messages according to the preferences showed during navigation.

Other classifications are for duration and time of activity:

· Session cookies: they make their own function during navigation and they are cancelled at browser closure.
· Persistent cookies: they persist in the device over the duration of the navigation of the consumer.

Cookies are also classified for subject that it checks the initial dispatch to the device and the following picked information:

· First-part cookie: they are created and managed by the subject manager of the website on which the consumer is browsing.
· Third-part cookie: they are created and managed by third –party subjects , different from the manager of the website on which the consumer is browsing.

What cookies are used on this site? site only uses technical and section cookies to better surf into the webpages. We

do not use profiling cookies.

This site uses:
– Google Maps This site is also using Google maps as an important instrument for the consumer during browsing: for further information on the necessary cookies to this service please check into the section Google Privacy & Terms.

Enabling/disabling cookies through the browser

Free choice of the consumer to accept or to refuse the cookies’ use on this site, nevertheless in case of missed authorisation the correct functions of the site could be compromised and the browsing experience limited. Every browser has availability of the consumers of customized settings and different tools to manage cookies, as for disabling them different sections can be found.

Further information:

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You may use Your Online Choices: through this service you can manage preferences tracking of most of advertising. The owner, therefore, recommends that users use this resource in addition to the information provided in this document.


Privacy Policy

Officina 14 wishes to inform you that the D.lgs n. 196 of June 30th 2003 (Code for protection of personal data) foresees the guardianship of personal data of people and other subjects necessary to give you an answer to your information request.

The holder of the treatment wishes to inform you that use of your personal data from his own entrusted personnel will happen according to the finalities mentioned in the present document. The person in charge of the treatment in Mr. Conter Roberto.

The information provided only applies to our web site and does not concern any web sites that may be visited by an user via external links.

The information provided is also based on the guidelines contained in Recommendation no. 2/2001, which was adopted on 17 May 2001 by the European data protection authorities within the Working Party set up under Article 29 of European Directive 95/46/EC in order to lay down minimum requirements for the collection of personal data online – especially with regard to arrangements, timing and contents of the information to be provided by data controllers to users visiting web pages for whatever purpose.

A. Processing of personal data purposes.

The data processing will be carried out through for the following purposes:

1. to consult, to elaborate and consequently to answer to your info request;
2. to comply with the administrative, accounting and fiscal obligations in force;
3. to keep in touch the business relation and even better with the interested people).

B. Data processing mode.

Your personal data will mainly be treated by computer system and they will be preserved both in paper files and in the electronic banking data of our company to carry out to the obligations and finalities at point A of the present informative. The contained data in this automatic system are treated using safety measures to the senses of the art. 31 of the D. Lgs 196/03, to reduce at minimum the destruction or lost risk or non authorized access or not conforming treatment to our requirements.

C. Nature and consequences of refusal to reply.

We still inform you that the data communication is essential but not obligatory and the possible refusal doesn’t have any consequence, but it will just be impossible to reply to your inquiry.

D. Data communication.

The personal information collected for the purposes listed in section A will not be disclosed to third parties without your express consent.

E. Data subjects’ rights.

The person concerned has the right at any moment to get confirmation of the existence of his/her own data and to know content and origin, to verify its exactness or to ask for integration or

updating, rectification or cancellation. Besides that the person concerned can practise all rights recognized by the art. 7, D Lgs 196/2003, and particularly he/she can oppose, for legitimate reasons to the same treatment. We include the full text of the above mentioned article 7 here below:

1. The person concerned has the right at any moment to get confirmation of the existence of his/her own data, even if not recorded.

2. The person concerned has the right to get indication of:

a) origin of his/her own data;
b) purpose and mode of the treatment;
c) the logic involved in case of treatment by electronical supports;
d) the personal data of the owner, the person responsible and any other data representative to the sense of the article 5, paragraph 2;
e) any subjects or subjects’ category, to whom the personal data can be informed as designed representatives in the territory.

3. The person concerned has the right to get:

a) updating, rectification or integration of his/her own data;
b) The cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form or data blocking treated in violation of the law, including those for which it’s not necessary the maintenance in relationship to the purposes for which data have been picked and consequently treated.
c) The attestation that operations at point a) and b) have been informed regarding their content to those people, to which all data have been communicated or diffused, except the case in which this fact is impossible or it requires disproportionate means respect to the protected right.

4. the person concerned has the right to oppose:

a) for legitimate motives to the treatment of the personal data that concerne him/her; b) to the treatment of his/her own personal data for dispatching of advertising material, direct sales, marketing researches or commercial communication.




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